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Nokia Mobile Gaming Apps

Nokia has some fantastic gaming with their casino apps, but they also have a great little app that is free for those that appreciate some real life gambling over casino app gambling. The Harrah’s app for the Nokia, created by Usablenet, gives you an easy to use interface for booking your hotel rooms at any of the Harrah’s casinos in the US. It also gives you access to your Total Rewards account which holds all of your special offers for being a valuable customer to Harrah’s.

Casino Apps for Nokia

If you are looking more for a gaming casino app then you could try out the Demo No-Limit Casino 12 Pack. It’s currently only getting a 3 star rating from the OVI Nokia store, however, the price tag of free is a nice incentive. Demo No-Limit Casino 12 Pack is a great way to brush up on some of your gaming skills right from a neat little release from Digital Chocolate. This casino app gives you the games you know and love like, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Slots and Roulette. All great games, all fun and fast and the game really gives you that I’m at a casino feel. Most understand that gambling, even play for fun gambling is mostly based on luck, however, your skills can improve with this casino app from Digital Chocolate.

Casino Game Apps for Nokia

There are some great casino apps for the Nokia, but what would make them great if it wasn’t for the real stinkers. Bikini Babes Poker, sure the name alone alarms of horror, but the real horror shows up with the graphics. A Maturus Mobile release, Bikini Babes Poker is touted as a high quality game, but the game play is lacking and were the poor graphics mentioned already? It is a video poker casino app that is obviously playing on your desire to see sexy women in bikinis. In fact, the virtual cash that you win in game is spent on revealing pics of gals in… you guessed it, bikinis. If you like to look at pixilated pics of females in bikinis after spending hours in a poorly crafted simulation of a video poker machine, then this game is for you!

Nokia Poker Apps

Word Series of Poker has one of the best Hold’em casino apps out there. If you like the strategy and fast paced nature of a good game of Hold’em then this is the casino app for you. Glu Mobile is one of the best app developers on the market, so the quality of the game is top notch. This casino app has a 4 star rating on the OVI Nokia app market and is getting good reviews across the board. If you want the feel of a Las Vegas Casino, then this Glu Mobile casino app is the one for you. You’ll feel confident in going all in with this casino app especially if you have tried Bikini Babes Poker and need to remind your eyes that there are actually good poker games out there. You can find iPhone and Android if you read more here